What’s a burger between Roomies?

I’ve had a lot of exceptional roommates over the years, some not so exceptional but we won’t whisper their names. My current roomie is Zena, yes, Zena. No she’s not a warrior princess but she does dance like a pro. As I recall the story goes as such, her parent’s had something benign like Elizabeth picked out, but her mother, of whimsy spirit, met a wonderful and unique woman, Zena, and there you have it.

I think Zena would agree that we coexist rather gracefully most days. There always tends to be something in the fridge to cook or consume. The other week I made far too much hummus before leaving on vacation for a week and left it for her to demolish. We both love cheese and ice cream so you’ll usually find upwards of 5 cheeses in our fridge and more than a couple pints in the freezer.

Zena is mostly a pescitarian, not that she would call herself that, but about once a month she likes to make herself a real burger. On the last burger occasion she left me enough to make one as she raced out of the city, probably to Rhode Island to catch some waves.

The burger was tasty tasty!


Summer Burger:
(I don’t have an outdoor space unless you count the fire escape so no grilling for me, but feel free if you have the luxury. I found a cast iron pan does quite well.)

6-8oz ground beef
1-2 slices of salami
1 sliced peach (I happened to have a white peach)
1 kale leaf
1 slice of crusty bread
crumbled feta
Dijon mustard

Heat the skillet over medium high heat. Add salami in the pan and cook until it releases some oils and begins to crisp a bit. Drizzle the bread on both sides with a little olive oil and griddle in the hot pan. Remove bread and add beef patty. Season each side of the patty with s+p and cook about 3-4 minutes on each side or until you’ve reached your desired temp. Meanwhile, start building your burger. Slice bread in half and apply mustard, then salami, and feta. I put the feta under the burger because the weight and heat of the burger might just soften it better that if it were on top. After removing your burger, let it rest a second while you griddle the peaches. Turning the heat to high cook the peaches in the meaty pan until the have a little color. Put it all together and devour.

tip: Raw kale is yummier if it is dressed a little, allowing the acid to soften the leaves. When I made this burger I pulled some kale from a left over salad. To make this again, I would first dress the kale with a little lemon juice, olive oil, s+p and allow it hang out while proceeding with the rest of the prep.